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Karlsruhe lives by the motto “miles, malls, and more”, boasting three shopping miles in the Kaiserstraße, Karlstraße, and Waldstraße, as well as the Post Galerie shopping mall, which ranks among the most splendid malls in Europe. In the old palace, which is more than 100 years old, visitors can enjoy a bit of shopping with a beautiful, neo-Baroque architectural backdrop.

The flagship of Karlsruhe’s shopping opportunities is the Ettlinger Tor. This arcade has an area of 33,000 square meters (355, 209 square feet) spread over three floors, all built in a luxurious architectural style reminiscent of an ocean liner. On these “decks”, over 130 specialist shops, restaurants, and bars entice customers with fashion, trends, beauty, and wellness.


Kaiserstrasse is the main shopping area in the Karlsruhe city centre. It is brimming with retail outlets, shops, cafes and snack bars. Enjoy a leisurely stroll down Baden’s longest shopping boulevard.

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Ettlinger Tor Shopping Center

The Ettlinger Tor shopping center houses 130 shops, cafes and restaurants across a shopping area measuring 33,000 sq m (336,000 sq ft) – a dream come true for any shopaholic. The Ettlinger Tor is an extension of the pedestrian area and whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re almost certain to find it here. The unique brightly lit indoor boulevard boasts three lavish levels, offering a variety of fashion outlets, the latest trends and accessories, beauty outlets, bookshops and consumer electronics.

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Post Galerie Shopping Center

The Post Galerie is housed in the former Karlsruhe post office and has to be one of the most beautiful shopping galleries in Germany. Bright, spacious, modern and well maintained, it is the region’s most beloved and unique shopping mall, featuring over 60 different specialist shops, retailers and restaurants.

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Südliche Waldstraße

With its tantalising mixture of stylish boutiques and shops featuring handicrafts, furniture, designer products, bike gear, sailing and outdoor equipment, premium fashion outlets, galleries and jewellery stores, the 'Südliche Waldstraße' is a must-see destination during a shopping visit to Karlsruhe.

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Flea markets

The weather in Karlsruhe has been wonderful for weeks now. A pleasant temperature and sunshine - the perfect weather for a flea market!

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