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Home to the residential palace of Baden and the heart of technological developments in the region, Karlsruhe is incredibly multifaceted. With a history of only about 300 years, it is a relatively young city.

The standard of living is high and the region is booming with growth. The 300,000 residents of Karlsruhe would certainly agree that the town can be described as a “think tank with a hip way of life”.

City history

Karlsruhe was founded just under 300 years ago by Margrave Charles William (Karl) of Baden. Legend tells that the vision of a star-shaped city came to him in the night. The dream of Karlsruhe (“Charles’ Repose”) was born!

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City of justice

The Federal Constitutional Court's task is to ensure that all institutions of the state obey the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany (Basic Law).

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Twin cities

Karlsruhe is twinned with the cities of Nancy (France), Nottingham (England), Halle (in the northern German state of Saxony-Anhalt), Krasnodar (Russia) and Timişoara (Romania).

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