Cuisine and nightlife

Baden indulgence! What else?

Culinary delights and the finest hospitality

There are numerous restaurants in Karlsruhe eagerly awaiting your visit: from international specialties, cosy beer gardens and cafés, to hip scene bars. Typical Baden cuisine - "Käsespätzle" (cheese noodles) or "Maultaschen" (filled pasta pockets) – are also a must. There is something for every palate and purse in Karlsruhe.

And where to this evening? Karlsruhe's nightlife is alive and kicking, as you would expect for a university city. The colourful student community, styled scene hipsters and individualists have a wide variety of locations to choose from.

Karlsruhe’s tastiest corners

Something local, a burger or maybe Italian? Your feast is waiting!

There is nowhere so wonderful to eat throughout the country than here in Baden with Karlsruhe also boasting an impressive culinary scene. Indulgence is a way of life in the "Badnerland", where the wine is kissed by the sun and gourmet-minded France is just a stone's throw away.